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SolidarityINFOService launched during the historic Teamsters strike at UPS in 1997. It provides news, analysis, commentary, infographics, photos and videos in service to the movements for economic, racial, ethnic, gender, cultural and environmental justice, labor and human rights, peace and anti-militarism, and other progressive social struggles.  

With the creation of this site, SIS is now posting memes and infographics created over the course of the last few years. It may take some time to upload all of them, so visit often to see the growing library. These will be updated as new memes are created. The most recent memes are featured on the Latest Post page. Others are organized by topic.

SIS also publishes three news lists – Solidarity4Ever, LaborLeftNews  (AKA LLNews) and BayAreaNews – to which articles, reports, commentaries, videos and infographics are periodically posted. These are not discussion lists. 

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